Using Blue Strawberry has made my life so much easier; I write my blog and watch as all my social media receives posts throughout the year. Could not be easier; I sometimes use the video function too and create some extra content. Now I sit on the beach, or relax drinking coffee knowing all my social media is looked after.
Steph Carrington
Really love using Blue Strawberry; it has allowed me to spend more time on running my business with sales and customer service and take the long hard work of continually having to schedule more content about products and posts that I have done. This software has saved me lots of time, and that has saved me money!
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Julie Adams
Online Store Owner
As a small business owner, I enjoy blogging and posting stories and articles about my new clothing designs. What I hate is having to schedule and work out my social media campaign. Blue Strawberry came along and has changed all that; it takes 5 minutes max, and it's done for the year from each post!
This software changed my life!
Jeff Tonga
Small Business Owner
I run a small but successful travel agency. We are always scheduling content; it is hard work, having to keep up to date with blog posts, and then sharing content on all platforms. That is when I turned to Blue Strawberry, and it saved the day, allowing me to spend more time with customers and selling travel. My employees love it!
Travel Agent
Pamela York
Travel Agent
Listen, I don't have a lot of money; I mean, what student does, right? But I wanted to take control of my social media posts from the student blog I run. A friend of mine said to check out Blue Strawberry, and I am so pleased I did. I now have more time to study, and all my friends comment on how I am always posting.
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Isabel Young
University Student
I work as a teacher, but I am also a part-time blogger. I love to post regular articles once a week, but the trouble is I really do not have time to everyday sort out social media. I came across Blue Strawberry by fluke, but it has saved me a lot of time and makes my life as a blogger so much easier, so I was happy to give this review.
Yin Li